soul-box-largeby Dr. Daniele Trevisani – Senior Trainer, Coach, Human Performance & Human Factor Researcher.


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Personal energy is what moves us, what nourishes us, especially when faced by the highest life challenges. As such, it is not only necessary, it is vital.
Our goal is to reach the height of our best mental energies and have them whenever we need them, and help others in achieving their Full Potential.

And not only. We feel it is compelling to contribute to something really important, something that can improve the world for real, no matter how little we can do in your lifespan. Do you think that the personal level of energies is “given” and cannot be enhanced by a good coaching and training on mind, soul and body in a “holistic” way? Do you think that Human Awareness can or cannot be increased?
If you hear some “inner feelings” that tell you that these questions are important, let’s go ahead.
When we look at the traditional literature on Personal Growth and Human Potential, we mainly find “fast & easy” cures, approaches that promise happiness, success, money, becoming persuasive, admired, anything, in a miraculous way, as something you can “buy”. Believe me, it’s a fake promise.
The truth about any human achievement is based firmly only on inner advancements in awareness and knowledge, in exercise and training.
And not only “usual” training, but also and especially mental training, new approaches, varied approaches, generating unexpected situations, the ability of “dealing with the unexpected”, to produce open minds and people ready to face any type of threat, increase perception, take advantage and sense opportunities when they arise, and even generate positive conditions for them and others.
Only continuous daily work on the self and the body can generate and sustain real and lasting results. And the real result is not what movies, ads and commercial programs tell you. It is something intangible that has to do with becoming a free soul. A free soul knows and distinguishes real results from fake targets, and this is one of our main goals.

Temet nosce! (Variation: Nosce te ipsum!)
Know thyself, or know yourself


Copyright Dr. Daniele Trevisani – Extract from the book The Soul Box



Formatore e Coach su temi di Sviluppo del Potenziale Personale, Comunicazione Interculturale e Negoziazione Internazionale, Psicologia Umanistica. Senior Expert in HR, Human Factor, Psicologia delle Performance, Comunicazione e Management, Metodologie Attive di Formazione e Coaching.

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