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© Article translated from the book “Strategic Selling: Psicologia e Comunicazione per la Vendita Consulenziale e le Negoziazioni Complesse” (Strategic Selling: Psychology and Communication for Consulting Sales and Complex Negotiations) copyright Dr. Daniele Trevisani Intercultural Negotiation Training and Coaching, published with the author’s permission. The Book’s rights are on sale and are available. If you are interested in publishing the book in English, or any other language, or seek Intercultural Negotiation Training, Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting, please feel free to contact the Website on Intercultural Negotiation


Today, I would like to talk about the increasing importance of face-to face communication and the supremacy of the human factor in negotiations, that force us to analyse our interlocutor’s mental framework and to create helping and winning relationships with our clients.

The mental approach of professional communicators and negotiators is completely focused on the objectives that must be achieved through the evaluation of the interlocutors’ mental framework

Nobody can talk to a wall. Professional communicators, salespeople and negotiators talk “with” someone, they have to deal or negotiate “with” someone. They must understand how the other person thinks. 

As an expert in Senior Sales Coaching, Antonio Greci, argues: 

  1. Strategic Selling is a way of being. 
  2. Strategic Selling is not a procedure. 
  3. Strategic Selling professionals can be recognized by the fact that they listen deeply. 
  4. The main talent of those who practice Strategic Selling is to be naturally empathetic. 

The presence of “other people” therefore forces us to become analysts and to understand: 

  1. if we are dealing with a person or company who has a strong propensity to plan or not;
  2. if our interlocutor is looking for a quick and immediate remedy, moved by urgencies, or if he/she is in no hurry; 
  3. if we are dealing with materialistic or narrow-minded people or with deeply humane people; 
  4. if we are working with someone looking for a pure personal advantage or with someone who’s looking for his/her company advantage, or a mix of both;
  5. which benefits our counterpart seeks for himself/herself and which benefits he/she seeks for his/her company. 

It is equally essential to understand if there is only the possibility to sell a single product or if – on the contrary – we will be able to create the conditions to become a continuous and trusted supplier, the multi-year partner of a customer with whom we are going to create long-term projects. 

Some clients act instinctively, even irrationally, other clients think with cold logic. 

Concerning all these variables, we cannot take the buyer’s psychology for granted. Each buyer possesses a psychological profile to frame. 

In fact, we can deal with non-planning-oriented people, whose time perspective is limited to the day after, or with long-term oriented people, who work not only for themselves, but also for those who will follow them in the company and in life. 

The former do not ask themselves what the long-term consequences of their choices will be. The latter do. 

Negotiation can be considered as a meeting with human variety. 

We need to get into the right mindset to deal with any kind of mentality, to meet any kind of attitude, culture and values. Otherwise, we would be able to negotiate only with a certain type of customers and not with others. This concept of “communicational stretching” helps us being effective with different types of customers. Here lies the flexibility of professional communicators and negotiators. 

A gear manufacturer who wants to sell products to a machine manufacturer certainly cannot think of resorting to television advertising in prime time, “aiming” at 10 million viewers, hoping to find among them 3 or 4 important decision makers, like purchasing managers and executives of that company.  

Every business can take two main paths:   

  1. advertising communications, which is often expensive, conformed and based on enormous budgets. It is the result of a mirage made of useless senseless sparkles; and   
  1. – especially in Business to Business – the choice to train as professionals in the field of interpersonal negotiations and human meetings, made of real people.  

For most companies and organizations, it makes no sense to invest in a large-scale advertising. We need to learn how to get the attention of decision makers. A more focused approach is needed.  

Advertising is not useless, it is a tool used in very specific cases, but it should not be confused with communication in a broad sense. They are two legs with which companies run: the leg of advertising is often beautiful and massaged, while the leg of human communication and negotiation is usually amputated.  

We are surrounded and pestered by advertisements, by messaging technologies, to the point of nausea. We have been filled with lies and empty promises, and we do not trust anything and anyone anymore, but we have good reason to be tired.  

For this reason, the importance of the human factor and the human encounter started growing again: looking into each other’s eyes, wanting to understand who we are dealing with, has become essential to build projects that really matter. 

The business of the future is the result of projects that companies carry out together with other companies, through people in flesh and blood. This is the return of human supremacy. 

Working in partnership with customers is a challenge. It means building tailor-made projects for customers from the beginning, having the ability to offer uniqueness, specific advice, quality and, above all, “added relational value” that makes the difference between us and others. 

The world of face-to-face business human meetings is more “real” than advertising and much more frequent for small, medium and large companies. Since it is a daily occurrence, it is essential for companies to train on this topic. 

The fate of projects destined to change entire companies and the future of their staff and families is decided by the skills of a few people in a few hours of negotiation. 

There, on the “stage” of sales and negotiations, the fate of companies is at stake, but, whatever happens, we want to remain on this “stage”.  

"Strategic Selling" by Daniele Trevisani

© Article translated from the book “Strategic Selling: Psicologia e Comunicazione per la Vendita Consulenziale e le Negoziazioni Complesse” (Strategic Selling: Psychology and Communication for Consulting Sales and Complex Negotiations) copyright Dr. Daniele Trevisani Intercultural Negotiation Training and Coaching, published with the author’s permission. The Book’s rights are on sale and are available. If you are interested in publishing the book in English, or any other language, or seek Intercultural Negotiation Training, Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting, please feel free to contact the Website on Intercultural Negotiation


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….vedete il piccolo razzetto sulla sinistra? E’ stato lanciato 3 volte senza successo. E tutti a dare addosso al “sognatore”, ma il quarto è atterrato. Il primo razzo ad atterrare invece di autodistruggersi, e diventare riutilizzabile. Un abbattimento di costi incredibile. Un salto epocale nell’esplorazione spaziale

Se Space X, alias Elon Musk, avesse sbagliato il quarto lancio, SpaceX, di Elon Musk, avrebbe chiuso per sempre. Adessso siamo alle prove definitive per il vettore su Marte, e ai razzi che riatterrano da soli. Ci vuole gente che ama osare. Grazie per l’esempio Elon Musk. Grazie per aver mostrato a tutti gli industriali che non è fare soldi la missione, quella è una conseguenza, ma il motore psicologico e la missione vera deve essere far avanzare la scienza, la coscienza umana, e la tecnologia, perchè tutta la razza umana possa continuare a sognare

Elon Musk, un modo di essere imprenditore, e creare il nuovo, tra creare Paypal, poi l’unica vera auto elettrica (Tesla) e diventare il più grande produttore di energie alternative (solare) del pianeta, sta progettando una base lunare eco-sostenibile…

 Commento di Elon… fuori dai denti.. “è il 2017, noi dovremmo avere una base lunare a quest’ora.. che cavolo sta succedendo” (riferito ai ritardi degli operatori spaziali) Grandissimo Elon… altro che “politically correct” aziendale del cavolo, e burocratese malefico

E se non bastasse, i piani concreti per la creazione della base su Marte

Perchè quando un sogno ha delle date, è già un progetto

Qui il mio contributo nel paper ESA sullo Human Factor nei viaggi spaziali. Piccolo contributi ma su un tema di grande importanza


Have fun!


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by: Dr. Daniele Trevisani (Linkedin Profile)

Speciale del mese: Formazione area Strategic Selling, articoli e concetti di formazione per un approccio consulenziale al cliente e alle relazioni in azienda

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Scheda Libro

 Libri Internazionali

I libri principali in lingue estere scritti dal dott. Daniele Trevisani in qualità di Senior Coach in ambito internazionale sono i seguenti:

  • Semiotics-for-leaders

    libro leadership



    • Semiotics for Leaders.
    • Symbols, Meanings, Power & Communication
    • New Leadership Styles, Energies and Behaviors
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    • Scheda libro


    • Leadership, Personal Energies & Team Energies
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    • Scheda Libro
    • The Change Directors
    • (Russian Edition)
    • Akvilon Publishing, Kiev
    • Psychology of Marketing and Communication
    • (Romenian Edition)
    • Irecson Publishing


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Dr. Daniele Trevisani holistic model mind body relationsIMG_20150812_113807

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“One Soul many Me” is an experimental video with an original approach to Human Resources and Human Factor focused on the Multiplicity of Personal Roles in Life, interpreted by Dr. Daniele Trevisani http://www.danieletrevisani.com – It derives from Drama Studies conducted at the world’s most ancient University Institution, the DAMS (Disciplines of Arts, Music and Performance) in Bologna University (Alma Mater), and Communication Studies in Micro-Sociology, regarding the increasing variety of Roles playied by Social Actors in life, and the struggle for generating a unifiying Soul, a sense of Identity that goes beyond any given role.


International Space Station - section, modeldr. Daniele Trevisani at ESA Astronauts Training Center

La mia curiosità per le possibilità umane e il Potenziale Umano ha trovato forse la sua sfida più alta, progettare metodi sperimentali e innovativi per la Formazione degli Astronauti, con implicazioni per lo sviluppo di nuove possibilità per chi opera in ambienti estremi e sfidanti, per poi testarli.

Dopo avere studiato e applicato modelli di Formazione Olistica per Forze Speciali, per Campioni Mondiali di Sport di Combattimento, Comandandi di Navi, team sportivi, atleti, leader e  manager che dirigono operazioni difficili in tempi difficili, abbiamo il know how per farlo.

Ora questa è la nuova sfida, progettuale ancora prima che materiale. Praticare un coaching olistico eppure concreto, con metodi oltre l’ordinario.

Sono stato accompagnato dentro al modulo simulatore, il modulo reale della Stazione Spaziale Internazionale, quello che si vede qui fotografato è solo un modello. Posso garantire che il modulo reale è veramente piccolissimo, e che le doti per passarvi anche solo alcune ore devono essere enormi, con formazione speciale sia fisica che mentale.

Essere accompagnato in via eccezionale in una zona riservatissima, dallo Head of Astronauts Training dell’ESA dentro a questo modulo (e garantisco che è veramente un modulo più piccolo di quanto sembra) poi vedere le piscine profonde dove si allenano gli astronauti, è stata un’emozione fortissima.

Ma non mi ha sovrastato. Perchè sapere di avere le conoscenze sulla Comunicazione Interculturale, la Comunicazione Olistica, le Human Performance, il Crisis Thinking, la Psicologia della Leadership per Forze Speciali, e altre che permettono di dare un contributo, e trovarne la conferma, è stata un’emozione ancora più forte.

Sapere di avere dei colleghi come quelli che formano il team della Scuola di Coaching STEP è tra l’altro un grande punto di forza perchè non parliamo più delle conoscenze di un singolo ma di una “Intelligenza Collettiva” che sta emergendo dal continuo scambio di conoscenze ed esperienze tra di noi. Stiamo facendo, nella Scuola di Coaching STEP, e con i nostri migliori partecipanti, una evoluzione costante.

Forse dovremmo chiamarla “Scuola del Nord-Est” (per la sede fisica che usiamo) – un gruppo di persone, qualcosa dove sta nascendo un approccio che va oltre ogni singola edizione e ci sta portando a toccare i limiti estremi delle possibilità umane.

Ci impegneremo al massimo per dare il nostro contributo, con la massima serietà come sempre, e guardando oltre l’esistente come sempre, questo è garantito.

dott. Daniele Trevisani www.danieletrevisani.com

soul-box-largeby Dr. Daniele Trevisani www.danieletrevisani.com – Senior Trainer, Coach, Human Performance & Human Factor Researcher.


Available on Amazon dedicate Online site

Personal energy is what moves us, what nourishes us, especially when faced by the highest life challenges. As such, it is not only necessary, it is vital.
Our goal is to reach the height of our best mental energies and have them whenever we need them, and help others in achieving their Full Potential.

And not only. We feel it is compelling to contribute to something really important, something that can improve the world for real, no matter how little we can do in your lifespan. Do you think that the personal level of energies is “given” and cannot be enhanced by a good coaching and training on mind, soul and body in a “holistic” way? Do you think that Human Awareness can or cannot be increased?
If you hear some “inner feelings” that tell you that these questions are important, let’s go ahead.
When we look at the traditional literature on Personal Growth and Human Potential, we mainly find “fast & easy” cures, approaches that promise happiness, success, money, becoming persuasive, admired, anything, in a miraculous way, as something you can “buy”. Believe me, it’s a fake promise.
The truth about any human achievement is based firmly only on inner advancements in awareness and knowledge, in exercise and training.
And not only “usual” training, but also and especially mental training, new approaches, varied approaches, generating unexpected situations, the ability of “dealing with the unexpected”, to produce open minds and people ready to face any type of threat, increase perception, take advantage and sense opportunities when they arise, and even generate positive conditions for them and others.
Only continuous daily work on the self and the body can generate and sustain real and lasting results. And the real result is not what movies, ads and commercial programs tell you. It is something intangible that has to do with becoming a free soul. A free soul knows and distinguishes real results from fake targets, and this is one of our main goals.

Temet nosce! (Variation: Nosce te ipsum!)
Know thyself, or know yourself


Copyright Dr. Daniele Trevisani www.danieletrevisani.com – Extract from the book The Soul Box


© Article by Dr. Daniele Trevisani – http://www.danieletrevisani.com – Copyright. Adapted from the book The Soul Box. Ancient Wisdom meets Human Potential Research. Thoughts for Self-Expression, Inner Energy and Life

The holistic approach: taking care of human communication, soul and body

The Greek Aristotle was the first real communication scientist, much earlier than the opening of any Department of Communication or Psychology. In his treaty on “Rhetoric” he taught us that a persuasive message must contain:

  • ethos”, strong values, a call for ideals and sense of purpose,
  • logos”, a nice language structure, a nice organization, be well structured, and
  • pathos”, the ability to fire emotions and generate feelings.

aristotle ethos logos pathos

Modern research says he was right. We tend to judge a speech and the speaker against our own values, as Aristotle said, ethos is the effect of feeling in the message the presence of wisdom (phronesis), virtue (arete), and good will (eunoia);

There is now high consensus in the scientific community on the Power of Communication derived by emotions, with many of empirical findings:

“affectively valenced words show an advantage in processing with respect to neutral words, as revealed in word recognition tasks (e.g., lexical decision, Kousta et al., 2009; Kuperman et al., 2014), in naming tasks (Kuperman et al., 2014) or in memory tasks (e.g., Herbert et al., 2008; Talmi, 2013; Ferré et al., 2014), among others”. [1]

What does this all mean? It means that we have to learn the Power of Communication, the ability to motivate, to inspire, to share deep meanings, instead of swimming in a pool of banality and empty gossip.

Many phrases from the ancient world shade light, and we have to look for them where the Greco-Latin Culture left its seeds. But also in several modern thoughts found in the Anglo culture, at least on its best humanistic side, and for sure not in its materialistic side.

The power of some words and mottos is so great that they are still used today after 2000 and more years.

Mens sana in corpore sano

A healthy mind in a healthy body[2]

But there is more. Human Potential expression requires not only a good and healthy communication environment (ecology of communication), but a healthy mindset that keeps a positive psychology inside our soul, and a strong attention to our bodily machine, its nurture, its well-being, obtained via physical exercise, good nutrition, and a clear mind.
All the three aspects are intrinsically correlated.
In this Holistic view, wellness and performance depend on the degree to which we are able to set these conditions, despite what the environment presents us as “given state”.
To go beyond the “given state” and look for our Full Potential enables the expression of incredible performances and contributions to mankind, and this is our sacred mission.
Dr. Daniele Trevisani holistic model mind body relations

A healthy mind in a healthy body is not only an ancient motto.

It is a way of life that is ordinarily unpracticed from ordinary people, and managers in the companies, where the number of hours spent in the office becomes the benchmark, rather than the real intellectual contribution, the quality of your ideas and energies you generate in your working environment. Your real energetic contribution to your company is completely lost, confused with “hours spent inside”.

You even lose the ability to distinguish the people that are around you (coworkers, consultants, trainers, friends) in terms of the real energies the can provide and bring and you start measuring sick parameters, things as age or career level or the car they have or where they live. Well, let me tell, you, Albert Einstein – in this evaluation system – would have never come out of his desk as clerk, since he was not in the academia and was not a well-paid, well dressed manager with a fancy car. But his ideas changed the world.

So, where do you want to be? On the side of the material or on the side of the immaterial world? Or in a good balance between them, and if so, where?

Are you able to spot people with great ideas? How do you measure them?

Latins believed that since we are born we are fully involved in a journey. We run, whether we like it or not. We stop, whether we like or not the stopping areas and landscapes we encounter. And in this world we need to feed our soul and our body with positive energies.

Spa as modern structures where originated by the Romans and made free for all the “citizens” in Rome. A Spa is a location where mineral-rich spring water is used to give medicinal baths. Spa towns or spa resorts (including hot springs resorts) typically offer various health treatments. The belief in the curative powers of mineral waters goes back to prehistoric times. Such practices have been popular worldwide, but our culture is so spiritually poor that – despite the Roman habit of having them free and used for meeting, socialization and conversation places – now it has become an elite costly service and not a public service. This is just one of the thousands of “ways of living” that we can and must recuperate.


© Article by Dr. Daniele Trevisani – http://www.danieletrevisani.com – Copyright. Adapted from the book The Soul Box. Ancient Wisdom meets Human Potential Research. Thoughts for Self-Expression, Inner Energy and Life


[1] Pilar Ferré, David Ventura, Montserrat Comesañ, and Isabel Fraga (2015), The role of emotionality in the acquisition of new concrete and abstract words. Frontiers in Psychology, 2015 Jul 2;10(7).

[2] This Latin phrase – as many more that we will not examine – has been adopted widely, showing how deeply Latin Culture pervaded European and US culture. The following list shows some examples:

(list source http://www.thefullwiki.org/Mens_sana_in_corpore_sano) :

  • The phrase was a favorite of American President Harry S. Truman.
  • Riverside Military Academy in Gainesville, Georgia uses the phrase as its motto.
  • Hargrave Military Academy in Chatham, Virginia uses the phrase as its motto.
  • S.C. Anderlecht uses the phrase as its motto.
  • Teacher’s College of Columbia University has this phrase engraved on its Horace Mann hall, on 120th street in New York City.
  • Motto of the Turners Organization American Turners and their local organizations like the Los Angeles Turners. The Turners promoted gymnastics and introduced PE to schools in America
  • ASICS, company name derived from the phrase.
  • Carlton Football Club uses the phrase as its motto.
  • Army Physical Training Corps (APTC) uses the phrase as its motto.
  • Asociacion Atletica Argentinos Juniors, uses the phrase as its motto.
  • The Israeli Institute of Technology athletics teams use the phrase as their motto.
  • It is the motto of Grant Medical College and Sir J.J. Hospital, Mumbai
  • PERI (Physical Education & Recreation Instructors), which is part of the Canadian Military use this as their motto
  • Widener University and the State University at of New York at Buffalo use the phrase as their motto.
  • The phrase appears in stone on the western facade of the HPER (School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation) at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.
  • It is the motto of Dhaka Physical Education College in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • It is the motto of Sparta High School in Sparta, New Jersey.
  • It is the motto of Roger Bacon High School, St. Bernard, Ohio
  • John Locke (1632-1704) uses the phrase in his book ‘Some thoughts concerning education’.
  • Is the motto for Bjelke-Petersen School of Physical Culture, Australia.
  • Mens Sana Basket, a prominent Italian basketball club.
  • Motto of Beale Gaelic Football Club from County Kerry.
  • Used in the film Agantuk by Satyajit Ray.
  • Is the motto of Bridgewater Junior Senior High School in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.




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Aperte le iscrizioni al Master in Coaching e Training Mentale, Montegrotto Terme, 4° Edizione, dal 31 Gennaio 2014 al 19 Luglio 2015


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Un augurio di buona lettura e buone riflessioni

Contatti con il Direttore e Curatore, dott. Daniele Trevisani:

  1. Sito web in Italiano Studio Trevisani Coaching, Potenziale Umano e  Formazione
  2. English Website http://www.danieletrevisani.com
  3. Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/danieletrevisani
  4. Profilo dott. Daniele Trevisani
  5. Profilo in Google+: https://plus.google.com/+dottDanieleTrevisani/
  6. Twitter