Being a Fulbrighter means more than being a gifted researcher. It means to look for ways to improve Humanity, Learning, Development, and Human Potential in Science, in Sports, in Arts, in any field of Human Expression.

Some thoughts from the book “The Soul Box”

Author of the article: Dr. Daniele Trevisani, Fulbright Scholar


From lost ancient wisdom to a new wave of human energies

You live of your energies. Without mental energies, you are dead

in your body. A free soul, instead, can shine immortal.

Daniele Trevisani

 Personal energy is what moves us, what nourishes us, especially when faced by the highest life challenges. As such, it is not only necessary, it is vital.

Are you sure of having your best mental energies at your complete disposal, whenever you want? Are you sure that you are contributing to something really important, something that can improve the world for real, no matter how little you can do in your lifespan? Do you think that this level of energies and awareness can or cannot be increased?

If these questions are not easy to answer, if you hear some “inner feelings” that tell you that these questions are important, let’s go ahead.

When we look at the traditional literature on Personal Growth and Human Potential, we mainly find “fast & easy” cures, approaches that promise happiness, success, money, becoming persuasive, admired, anything, in a miraculous way, as something you can “buy”. Believe me, it’s a fake promise.

The truth about any human achievement is based firmly only on inner advancements in awareness and knowledge, in exercise and training.

And not only “usual” training, but also and especially mental training, new approaches, varied approaches, generating unexpected situations, the ability of “dealing with the unexpected”, to produce open minds and people ready to face any type of threat, increase perception, take advantage and sense opportunities when they arise, and even generate positive conditions for them and others.

Only continuous daily work on the self and the body can generate and sustain real and lasting results. And the real result is not what movies, ads and commercial programs tell you. It is something intangible that has to do with becoming a free soul. A free soul knows and distinguishes real results from fake targets, and this is one of our main goals.

 Temet nosce! (Variation: Nosce te ipsum!)

Know thyself, or know yourself

 This phrase is visible above the Oracle’s doorway in The Matrix movie.

Its origins go way back to Greek and ancient culture. The Ancient Greek aphorism “know thyself” was inscribed in the entrance of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi.

This phrase means something deeper than knowing obvious things as our name, or residence, or weigh and height, it means to understand how we make our judgments, how we reason, how we choose, how we decide what is to achieve and what is not worth our energies.

It means the ability to look inside our mind and decide how to clean the mess and refresh it with new fresh air, liberating our soul.

1.1. What is a “result” for you?

The very concept of “results” needs to be redefined. If you live in a society that tells you that you are a loser if you are not a superman, remember that this sick and ill message is wrong. Ancient wisdom knew it.

Impossibilium nulla obligatio est

There is no obligation to do the impossible

You should try to achieve your goals, for sure, but what if those goals are fake goals that someone did put in front of you to let you lose focus?

The first thing you have to do is to throw away most of what has been presented to you as a “result” from your surrounding society, and substitute it with something that is more pure, more genuine.

Which are the parameters you use to evaluate what is a real result and distinguish it from a fake result?

Among what you conceive as “results”, are you sure that everything in your mind is really yours? And what if we could find beliefs that you were forced to incorporate when you had not enough mental counter power to analyze what you were mentally fed with?

So, how does it feel whenever you are able to detect and eradicate a fake concept from your mental state? Better. Lighter. More “radicated” and stronger, a process that in Bioenergetic Analysis is called “grounding”.

The ability of “focusing” is a really new tool to achieve, as much and as fast as possible. Focusing, also with some help from an illuminated guide (coach, counselor, mentor, trainer), can drive you to perceive better and distinguish fake results from real results, fake targets from real targets.

  • Is it a result to work more and more hours a day?
  • Is it a result to stay in line for transportation or sit in a car for hours?
  • Is it a result to have no energies left for taking care of your body?
  • Is it a result to forget about the real needs of your soul?
  • Is it a result to have less and less time for your loved ones?
  • Is it a result to be caged within a mental agenda that is conceived to set you in strict boundaries, concepts that are rarely deeper than the wish to buy the newest phone?

Aren’t you sick of feeling fooled by a system that is meant for you to be a part of the produce-consume-die cycle? A system that measures what car or house you have instead of looking at the depth of your thoughts and feelings?

Why are people who work so unhappy on Monday morning when going to work? Why are idiots, hypocrites, cowards or arrogant, in top-paid management positions, and why do you seek for their approval? How did you come to the point of considering them “arrived”? Arrived where?

A company should and must be a place where people with some common values meet to achieve something great and useful for humanity. A group of people united in a purpose, in a vision, in a value.

Unanimi cum ratione

United in Purpose[1]

I personally think that a Fulbrighter should look for other Fulbrighters in order to share a holistic view and perspective on which contributions are most needed now in the world. And than, look for way to share views, and contribute, not only within our narrowest research fields, but with a unified view of what is most needed to improve our World and Humanity.

Is there any other way to give honour to the talent and the effort that brought us to become Fulbrighters?


[1] This motto is adopted widely, both in organizations and social groups. See on example the Canadian Joint Operations Command,, and the online community of Star Trek gamers


Author of the article: Dr. Daniele Trevisani, Fulbright Scholar