© Article by Dr. Daniele Trevisani – – Copyright. Adapted from the book The Soul Box. Ancient Wisdom meets Human Potential Research. Thoughts for Self-Expression, Inner Energy and Life


Neuroscience research tells us that our brain is like a muscle. The parts that are more often used do enlarge, get fitter, and become more agile and fast. The parts that are underused become smaller, slower, as if they were mummified.

The stimuli that change our brain can be those that come from any day, any hour of the day, any moment in life. Scientific studies that show how plastic the brain is, responding quickly and changing its structure in response to both real-life stimuli and artificial stimuli (magnetic stimulation)[1].

So what should we do? Human brain has a Left Prefrontal Cortex that has the ability to perceive positive things in our world and in what surrounds us (positive perception) and a Right Prefrontal Cortex that is very good at detecting what is wrong, negative, and the ability of feeling pessimistic emotions. The continuous flow of anxiogenic news, movies, messages, the continuous subliminal message to “become rich and famous or you are a loser” are lies that pump your right cortex and kill you. We must stay away from these messages, as if they were toxic, radioactive, and poisonous.

Even talking about negative topics and bad news during a dinner can pump your “negative” side of the brain while a dinner or eating should be a pleasure and a restful pause.

But besides specific moments, your whole life is constellated by messages, ads, movies, and people that are lying to you.

The very fact of telling you that money and status will decide whether you made it or not, is a lie that trains your right prefrontal cortex every minute of every day. You become extremely good at feeling what you have not yet done.

You start to believe that people that are on tv or became famous or very rich “have made it” without realizing that their inner experience of life can be miserable, most of them are severely depressed and unhappy people.

We could make a huge list of rich and famous people (artists, movie stars, entrepreneurs) who killed themselves or died from self-intoxication from drugs and alcohol, at the peak of their career and money possession.

Michael Jackson in music, Marilyn Monroe among actresses, the cyclist champion Marco Pantani, the member of the richest Italian family Edoardo Agnelli (Fiat) who, despite the richness and enormity of opportunities, suffered from depression and jumped from a highway. Should we judge these unlucky people “arrived”? “Arrived” where? Who has the arrogance decide for you and to tell you what makes you “arrived”?

The more you think about bad news and consider the wrong part of existence, the more you train to suffer.

You also become insensitive towards the little good things that you did or happened in your day, even the most subtle positive things. You need more and more results to feel happy, more and more money to feel rich, and at the end you always you feel that “something is still missing to be really happy”

This system can make you anxious and feel always inadequate, always out-of-place in your world, always poor. A system designed to make you feel a loser is sick, is a lie.

If you look at the lives of the richest people in terms of money, so many of them are so depressed and so many of them do suicide and are into drugs, that you should wonder if they really “made it”. Made it to get insane and unhealthy and miserable? Yes, they made it. But when it is the turn to see if they made it in being good people, good fathers or mothers, people with a sense of love for life, a strong spiritual life, an inner and self-sustaining force inside, they “didn’t make it” at all. They are miserable inside.

When you lose sight of the miracles that life provides to a living soul, even the mere fact of being able to “think” should surprise you, and make us incredibly happy. The very fact of waking up, being alive, breathe once again, is a miracle.

Don’t spit on miracles. Live them.

[1] Zhang ZC1, Luan F2, Xie CY3, Geng DD1, Wang YY4, Ma J5. Low-frequency transcranial magnetic stimulation is beneficial for enhancing synaptic plasticity in the aging brain. Neural Regen Res. 2015 Jun;10(6):916-24.


© Article by Dr. Daniele Trevisani – – Copyright. Adapted from the book The Soul Box. Ancient Wisdom meets Human Potential Research. Thoughts for Self-Expression, Inner Energy and Life