Leadership: the Semiotic Approach and the Personal Development Approach
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Leadership in the Roman Empire vs. modern Toxic Corporate Leadership

oreach-2009-001_16 Small Signs prepare Great Stories
powerfulness Energy and Awareness: A new form of Inspirational Leadership
aristotle ethos logos pathos There is no Power without Knowledge. Wisdom and “Noesis” for Climbing the mountains of life
daniele-gara-mantova-con-franz-haller How many energies do we really have? Our Way towards “Powerfulness”
77f87ba784df43e6ee5e67165717d8fe-620x A new light for observing what Performances really are
Dr. Daniele Trevisani holistic model mind body relations 6 Stages of Leadership. New video on the Exa-Leadership Model
Dan teaching Semiotics as a new form of Leadership Modeling
Cool-Summer-Sunset-Wallpaper Semiotics as a new Science of Deeper Performances. A new book explores why and how.
P048A006 Energy and Awareness: A new form of Inspirational Leadership
HPIM0586 Daniele Trevisani, Italian Trainer, gets 1st place in Amazon “Business-Leadership” Bestsellers Ranking
soul-box-large  The Soul Box, on Amazon

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