Leadership. Coaching, and Mentoring TrainerIt started as a challenge, it has become a Honour, as an Italian… A book in English written by an Italian directly, a goal, not to talk about being in the Top 10, in fields such as Coaching, Leadership, Mentoring, Management Education… but this book is changing everything… Now N.1 in Amazon free books download, still free only for 2 days

  • Download link from the USA https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01H3S2UR2
  • Download link from Italy https://www.amazon.it/dp/B01H3S2UR2
  • for any other country, please substitute the extension (.it, .com etc.. with the one of your country)

Take a chance to look at it, it is quite different from the US and UK usual authors, trust it!


Formatore e Coach su temi di Sviluppo del Potenziale Personale, Comunicazione Interculturale e Negoziazione Internazionale, Psicologia Umanistica. Senior Expert in HR, Human Factor, Psicologia delle Performance, Comunicazione e Management, Metodologie Attive di Formazione e Coaching.