amazon best sellers in English zoomDaniele Trevisani, Italian Author and Trainer, N. 1 in Leadership is the Amazon Best Seller in Leadership (Business Area) EBooks, since yesterday.

A great honor for Italian Leadership tradition since the Roman Empire, and for contemporary Italy, especially since the book represents a view of Leadership based on a Latin tradition, Semiotics, that is completely unknown to most of the Business world.

The Semiotic view on #Leadership is based on the Power of Example, standing among the crowd and not in the higher floors of Corporations, eating the same food as your last employee, trying to bring a strong contribution and forgetting short-term economics.

The Semiotic approach has a strong attention to Signs (including behavioral patterns of Leaders and actions that communicate a view), a perspective that is absolutely opposed to what we see in Multinational Companies worldwide.

Cases like #Enron, #Volkswagen, #Lufthansa, Fukushima, the predatory sick attitudes of Leaders in Finance that generated the #subprime word financial crisis and so many other disasters due to “Toxic Leadership becoming real-and only leadership”, Value-Empty Leaders, NPL tricks brought to the level of business religions, Business Gurus becoming “prophets with a microphone”, crazy outdoor parades sold as Leadership Training, “5 Minutes Management Solutions” (you know very well they are useless, don’t’ you?), and other “fast & easy” approaches.

The Semiotic approach looks for Semantic Maps (equivalent to neural maps, but applied to the level of deep meaning) and searches deeper significance, how to make real #values become solid leadership behaviors rather than standing only on useless Corporate Advertising and paper that nobody really reads.

A way to look at Leadership in a different perspective.

Here the link to the book online

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