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© Extracted from the book “Semiotics for Leaders” written by Daniele Trevisani, available on Amazon

Small Signs prepare Great Stories

The interesting view of Human Potential Research is that before achieving great goals, small goals are required. Why does this happen?

The reason lies in the very sense of being deeply human: born fragile, almost powerless, unable to self-sustain. From that point, arriving to a peak where one can be self-sustaining, keep going, look for challenges, and even take care of others, is a great journey.

Struggling for becoming fully functioning and gain the best of what we can be is a sacred journey. Fully expressed potential is not just a matter of performance and tangible goals, it is a value for itself, something that gives a meaning to life.

Most forms or self-handicapping come from the unknown error of listening too much to social expectations. These expectations bring you towards a statically “normal” or average state where you cannot be yourself.

You can express yourself in fields so different as sports, science, cooking, dancing, fighting, running, painting, managing. Or all together.

There is no great genius without some touch of madness.


Do not seek for the “average” path but follow an inspiration, at least one in life in a given period of time, where you feel that you can express yourself.

For any little advancement, a new sense of possibility arises, so that – as for a climber or an explorer – new horizons soon come up in your path step after step, horizons that were formerly unthought-of, or considered too far, too big, too heavy.

This “opening” is generative; it invites individuals and leaders to go ahead, to progress in a further exploration of what at the moment is barely thinkable, and to turn this attitude into advancement for the Self, progress for the family, for a Team, for a Business. Starting from the Self, we can generate progress for a country, up to the entire Humanity.

A semiotic map of what an expectation is, shows some very important connections:

  • Expectation-belief connection: you expect things based on what you believe it is true. What if someone thought you that it is better to win money betting in the financial market rather than working at your skills? What if a company leader holds the belief that the Stock Exchange will be the final moral judge instead of moral values, searching a strong future, choice after choice?
  • Expectation can generate apprehension. Apprehension is the doorway to anxiety, to fear and to terror. When one is not free to make mistakes, when one believes he/she cannot commit a mistake, this will determine a decision block.
  • Well expressed and well defined expectations can generate hope and positive promises
  • If you change your beliefs, you can change your expectations. If as a leader you set some strong beliefs, they will turn into different expectations.
  • Leading people amid the chaos of expectations, beliefs, truth and wisdom, in a stream of confusion, is real leadership.This is the deepest and highest forms of real Human Potential expression.Understanding, knowledge, curiosity, holistic interests, trials and errors, perseverance, are all ingredients that start to emerge in the alchemic recipe for a new life.

    It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them.

    They went out and happened to things.

    Leonardo da Vinci


  • © Extracted from the book “Semiotics for Leaders” written by Daniele Trevisani, available on Amazon

© Article by Dr. Daniele Trevisani – http://www.danieletrevisani.com – Copyright. Adapted from the book The Soul Box. Ancient Wisdom meets Human Potential Research. Thoughts for Self-Expression, Inner Energy and Life


Honor is too often confounded with something that comes from outside, career, certificates, awards, tangible successes, or an attribute that “significant others” give to you. This is fake.

Fast and easy money, popularity, luxury products, are advertised as honorable instead of being shown for what they are: fog for the soul.

Nothing that comes “fast and easy” will last. No single life has any value if it does not attempt to bring more to humanity than what it received. No great work has ever come from nothing.

Absque sudore et labore nullum opus perfectum est

“Without sweat and toil no work is made perfect”


To equal “fame” or “wealth” with real honor is false and fake. This is one of the worst concepts you could assimilate and intoxicate with. And the fastest you get rid of it, the better you will feel and the cleaner your life will become.

Your professional choices will also be deeply affected making your shine like a diamond in the middle of a dense fog where most of the world population lives, including managers.

Sometimes a hard choice leaves you with less material goods but with a higher sense of moral integrity and self-esteem. The alternative would drive you directly in the hospital or obituary. Every time our inner mind knows that some sacred rules have been broken, and we betrayed what we deeply are, we get emotional sickness, physical illness, and decreases of our purest energies.

Every time we do er even try something that honors our soul and our values we nourish our mind, our body, our self-esteem.

Self honor comes step by step, ir requires trials, failures, and attempts. We all should accept living with uncertainty, uncertainty about faith, about the future, about material issues, but be sure that we count on something that will always be with us: our values.

Any enormous field has been built on single seeds.

Parvis imbutus tentabis grandia tutus

“Once you have tried small things, you may attempt great ones safely”

This certainty is a shining diamond in a world where we are forced to live side by side with uncertainty and darkness. This diamond brings us much more energy and life than what it appears initially.

People who did things like stealing money from poorer people, dishonoring their values, and leaving the world in worse conditions, very often do not live enough to spend that money. Cancers are looking for those people as bees look for flowers. And very often, the internal endocrine and immune system of people who internally know to have a dirty soul, freaks out and does the rest, bringing them to die faster.

There is a kind of self-honor, to be reckoned with. Let me explain. It is an honor that lies completely inside you, an honor coming from within and that does not need any external recognition.

The mere fact that you know is enough. You know that you do enlist among those who seek, study, struggle to change the world or to improve themselves, and to help others. This generates Life-sense in itself. It’s important and that’s enough.

And… there’s more good news. Anyone who enlists has already won even before starting, because the simple fact of heading towards the light is winning.

It’s a win against apathy. It’s a win over the death of the soul. A victory against untold darkness that we carry within us starts from making some moral choices and decide to be a part of the light. This means to try to leave the world slightly a better place. If you succeed it’s ok, if not at least you tried.

Universal forces and your soul will be richer and healthier. You will die with honor and without the regret of having wasted your only life.

The struggles of life are much sweeter when we perceive fully our inner diamond made of honor and are filled with its light.

There will be no difficulty that is able to outshine it.

Per angusta ad augusta

“through difficulties to greatness”


© Article by Dr. Daniele Trevisani – http://www.danieletrevisani.com – Copyright. Adapted from the book The Soul Box. Ancient Wisdom meets Human Potential Research. Thoughts for Self-Expression, Inner Energy and Life